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Where is Everest Base Camp?

Feb 14, 2024
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Where exactly is Everest Base Camp, you ask? It's in eastern Nepal. Although there's also one in Tibet, so we look at the location of each, and then we discuss just Nepal's Everest Base Camp – its altitude and exact location on Mt Everest.

Two base camps: North vs South Base Camp

There are two Everest Base Camps: one in Tibet and one in Nepal. We look at them in detail in Tibet Everest Base Camp and Nepal Everest Base Camp. But some basic working facts:

  • The base camp to the south of Mt Everest is in Nepal, and is often referred to as South Base Camp.
  • The base camp to the north of Mt Everest is in Tibet. It's sometimes referred to simply as North Base Camp.

The base camp we’re talking about in this blog post is the southern one in Nepal.

Nepal's Everest Base Camp – not to be confused with Tibet's Everest Base Camp – is on the south side of Mt Everest.

Nepal's Everest Base Camp is inside of Sagarmatha National Park. Most of the Everest Base Camp trek, which starts in the mountainside town of Lukla and ends at base camp, is also inside Sagarmatha. 



Where in Nepal is Mt Everest?

South Base Camp and most of Nepal's Everest Base Camp trek route are located within Sagarmatha National Park. Sagarmatha is in the Solukhumbu region in the east of the country. You can see its position on the map below.

Map of Nepal protected parks and conservation areas infographic

Map of national parks in Nepal

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park is famous for its high peaks, glaciers, steep, forested valleys, elusive snow leopards, and the Sherpa people who live there.

The name Sagarmatha is actually the Nepali name for Mount Everest. It means ‘forehead in the sky’, which is rather more poetic than Everest, which is the surname of the Welsh surveyor who mapped much of the subcontinent in the mid 1800s.

The Nepali name for Mt Everest is Sagamartha, and it means 'forehead in the sky'.

Sagarmatha has been a World Heritage Site since 1979. 

Everest Base Camp trek snow covered mountains

Sagarmatha National Park is home to eight mountains reaching over 7,000 m, including Mt Everest, which rises to 8,848 m

How high is South Base Camp?

Nepal's Everest Base Camp sits at 5,364 m (17,598 ft) above sea level. At this altitude oxygen levels are pretty low, and those of us unused to such rarified air will most certainly feel the impact.

Trekkers standing atop rock at Everest Base Camp, EBC trek, Nepal

Twins Miguel and Pablo on a helpfully marked boulder in base camp

The starting point for the Everest Base Camp route is Lukla, as you already know, which sits at 2,860 m above sea level. This means you ascend roughly 2,500 vertical metres over the course of the Everest Base Camp route! It’s one serious step climber of a route. 



Where on Mt Everest is South Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp is also located at the foot of the Khumbu Glacier, which flows between Mt Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge. This is the world’s highest glacier.

Everest and Lhotse

Everest and Lhotse

At the head (top) of Khumbu Glacier is the infamous Khumbu Icefall, a steep part of the glacier that's known to form large crevasses with little warning. Those ascending Mt Everest have to cross the Khumbu Icefall, and most try to do this early in the day when the ice hasn’t yet had a chance to thaw and potentially crack. 

Everest is a whopping 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above sea level.

Mt Everest, to remind you, is a whopping 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above sea level. That’s almost 3,500 m higher than Everest Base Camp! But climbers don’t hike to the peak in one go – there are four further overnight staging posts for climbers that help them to acclimatise each step of the way before the final push. 

Finally, if you're thinking of trekking to Everest Base Camp, we think you'll enjoy the video below!


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