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Alice is a large, global community of modern-world-nomads. They are entrepreneurial individuals that make their dreams come true by travelling the world, visiting the most fascinating places on earth, telling everyone about it and earning $$$ to do so (as well as going on free trips!). All over they travel day and night to hunt out the best spots on the ground. This means trips with Follow Alice are unique and quite the opposite to what you will find in any guidebook. Our Ambassadors find and recommend anything and everything from cool places to eat, rockstar guides and hidden locations, all of which should be on your bucket list. This means you can spend less time trying to find great places and more time enjoying them.




  • “As an entrepreneur my-self, I aim to constantly surround myself with curious, young people who inspire me.”
  • “Going on one long holiday around SEA. Currently taking pictures in Bali and couldn’t think if anything better!”
  • “I travel for work, visiting the most amazing places. Now I can inspire others and travel even more. Brilliant!”

Meet our Ambassadors

Nina Clark

London - United Kingdom

Ambassadors - Nina Clark

Trotting around the globe one noodle bowl and warm croissant at a time.

More about Nina

James Farnfield


A recent graduate who has left his degree from Uni of Manchester at home and decided to move to the other side of the world.

More about James

Josefina Fontana

Dubai - UAE

Josefina Fontana

She changed her cants, into cans. And her dreams into plans

More about Josefina

Nnenna Fakoya-Smith

Lagos - Nigeria

Nnenna Fakoya-Smith

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

More about Nnenna

Magdalena Ciolek

Canterbury - United Kingdom

Magdalena profile

No better time than now!

More about Magdalena

Elisa Quinci

London - United Kingdom

Full-time dreamer

More about Elisa

Jo Webber

London - United Kingdom

Jo Webber

Carpe Diem – Find your Freedom…

More about Jo

Sareena Hashmat

London - United Kingdom

Let’s go!

More about Sareena

Serena Aglio

London - United Kingdom

Traveling is like floating between reality and dreams. We only live once, but we can live this one life in a way that at the end of the journey we will feel like we lived thousands of lives.

More about Serena

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