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5 day adventure

This trip takes you on adventure to the main safari attractions northern Tanzania has to offer. We visit the famous Serengeti, the incomparable Ngorongoro Crater, and the beautiful Lake Manyara. The game spotting is excellent, and includes the Big Five. This is Africa at its finest!


See the Big Five

See the Big Five

Go on a game drive to find the Big Five: lions, black rhinos, bush elephants, leopards and Cape buffaloes.

Witness the Great Migration

Witness the Great Migration

See the massive herds of the Great Wildlife Migration in Serengeti National Park.

Visit Ngorongoro Crater

Visit Ngorongoro Crater

Drive down into the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, a wildlife hotspot and arguably the world's eighth natural wonder.


  • Day 1 | Tarangire


    We start by exploring Tarangire, a gem of a park on the Northern Circuit, especially if you love elephants! The atmosphere and habitats here are completely different from those of other parks in the region. It's also a lesser-known park, which means you enjoy a quieter safari, with fewer vehicles around.

  • Day 2 | Serengeti


    After breakfast, it's off to the famous Serengeti National Park, home of the Great Migration. The drive there is a spectacle in itself, with a stop at Ngorongoro Crater so you stand on the rim and eyeball the amazing and expansive view! Then, onwards you go, until you crest a hill and the vast Serengeti sprawls away invitingly in front of you and into the far distance. 

  • Day 3 | The Great Wildlife Migration

    The Great Wildlife Migration

    Witness enormous herds of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes as they stretch across the plains of the Serengeti in search of pasture. And watch lions and other predators track their movements, waiting to pounce. Come at the right time of year and you could also witness a frenzied river crossing, where the herds surge across croc-infested waters!

  • Day 4 | Ngorongoro Crater

    Ngorongoro Crater

    Today is exciting, as we go on a game drive in Ngorongoro Crater! Look for leopards as we snake our way down the tree-lined crater wall. And then at the bottom, as we travel through grassland and woodland, look for the crater's uniquely dark-maned lions and for bull elephants, who have unusually long tusks. There's also the option later in the day to visit a Maasai village.

  • Day 5 | Ngorongoro Crater

    Ngorongoro Crater

    Wake up in the beautiful surroundings of Ngorongoro Crater, a truly spectacular natural phenomenon. The crater is a virtual Noah’s Ark, inhabited by almost every species of wildlife indigenous to East Africa including the rare black
    rhino. Spend a day exploring this breathtakingly beautiful setting and – fingers crossed – spotting all of the Big Five.

Meet our Local Leaders

Kazi Khatibu

Kazi Khatibu

Kazi is a professional safari driver with 15 years of field experience. He's also an awesome individual! Kazi's job is to look after you, show you around the beautiful game parks of his home country of Tanzania, and ensure you have the best African safari ever. :)

Chris Sichalwe

Chris Sichalwe

Chris started working on Kilimanjaro in 1999 and has since made it to the summit over 300 times. He's the founding father of Follow Alice Tanzania and loves taking people to the roof of Africa! He's the steady and competent hand you need, but also a great storyteller who adds so much to every trip!

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