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This is our dream Uganda adventure – we visit all of the very best spots the country has to offer! We go gorilla and chompanzee trekking, go on safari and boat safaris in the very best national parks, marvel at the spectacular Murchison Falls, raft on the Nile, hike to Sipi Falls, canoe on Lake Bunyonyi and zipline into the water, explore the cities of Kigali and Kampala, and more. It's the adventure of a lifetime. :)


Go on boat safaris

Go on boat safaris

Go on a boat safari in Murchison Falls National Park as well as on Kazinga Channel to see hippos, crocs, elephants and more up close.

Meet mountain gorillas

Meet mountain gorillas

Trek through steep, tangled rainforest to find a gorilla troop and spend an hour watching them as they go about their gorilla business!

Hike to Sipi Falls

Hike to Sipi Falls

We take a beautiful hike to Sipi Falls, a spectacular 90 m waterfall in a lush setting, where you can also go abseiling.


  • Day 1 | Arrival day

    Arrival day

    We like to gather for dinner so Dan, your trip leader, can brief you for what's to come and up the collective excitement! Travel to the town of Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria where the White Nile begins. In the late afternoon enjoy a sunset cruise to the Victorian source of the Nile. You could also enjoy a thrilling ride tubing down the Nile.

  • Day 2 | Mount Elgon and a coffee tour

    Mount Elgon and a coffee tour

    This morning we head for the Mount Elgon National Park and the Sipi Falls. The Sipi area is famous for its locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee. You will enjoy learning about the World’s favourite beverage on a coffee tour. The guide shares with us about coffee farming, processing and roasting. And the profits go towards community projects – awesome!

  • Day 3 | Hiking to Sipi Falls

    Hiking to Sipi Falls

    This morning after breakfast we head to Sipi Falls, which sits on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park near the Kenyan border. The falls is a series of three drops, with the longest and most iconic being 100 m. Those who want can abseil alongside it! There are some scenic hikes to a cave for those looking for an adventure.

  • Day 4 | Murchison Falls sunset safari

    Murchison Falls sunset safari

    This morning we transfer to Murchison Falls National Park, one of the most beautiful and popular spots in all of Uganda. We settle in, take a swim, and enjoy lunch and an afternoon rest. We then go on an early evening game drive in the park. Some of the animals to look for include lions, elephants, buffaloes, kobs, giraffes and Nile crocodiles!

  • Day 5 | Boat trip to Murchison Falls

    Boat trip to Murchison Falls

    Staying in Murchison Falls National Park, we enjoy another game drive, this time in the early morning before the heat of the day drives the animals to find shelter. Later, we take a boat cruise to see the powerful Murchison Falls on the River Nile.

  • Day 6 | Murchison to Kibale

    Murchison to Kibale

    This morning we hike to the top of the waterfall, a spot that offers a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape. Then you enjoy a scenic drive through northern Uganda with dramatic views towards the Rwenzori Mountains - often called the Mountains of the Moon. In the afternoon arrive at Kibale Forest, one of the last remaining rainforests in East Africa.

  • Day 7 | Chimpanzee tracking

    Chimpanzee tracking

    Today we go chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest, where we follow a guide to find a chimp community to visit. Also look for black-and-white colobuses, red-tailed monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys during the hike. This is a fantastic experience, with the guide sharing fascinating info about the plants and animals we see. We can also do a longer chimp habituation experience for anyone who's keen.

  • Day 8 | Cruise the Kazinga Channel

    Cruise the Kazinga Channel

    Today we travel to the Queen Elizabeth National Park and enjoy a safari and an afternoon boat cruise on the famous Kazinga Channel between Lake Edward and Lake George which is very scenic and home to many hippos and crocodiles. Queen Elizabeth is home to tree-climbing lions, easily spotted elephants and buffalo, Ugandan kob and many species of plains game.

  • Day 9 | Safari in Queen Elizabeth NP

    Safari in Queen Elizabeth NP

    Morning game drives in search of wildlife such as elephants and giraffe before travelling through the rolling Ugandan countryside with dramatic views of crater lakes and the Rwenzori Mountains to the mist shrouded ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is home to critically endangered Mountain Gorillas.

  • Day 10 | Trek to the mountain gorillas

    Trek to the mountain gorillas

    Today is the day we see gorillas! First off, we receive a briefing from our trek guide on the do's and don'ts when in the company of the gorillas. We then trek into the forest, dense with hardwoods, vines, ferns and more. Expect to get muddy! Also, look for unusual birds and Old World monkeys. We encourage you to not spend your hour with the gorillas behind a camera lens, but rather be really present in the moment.

  • Day 11 | Hike around Lake Bunyonyi

    Hike around Lake Bunyonyi

    After breakfast, we drive north to Lake Bunyonyi, a very deep lake containing 29 islands of differing sizes. This is a green and rural region of terraced farms and small villages. We suggest a late afternoon hike or bike ride around the lake to see some of the villages and take in different views of the lake. The word bunyonyi actually means 'place of many little birds, so there's that too!

  • Day 12 | Canoe Lake Bunyonyi

    Canoe Lake Bunyonyi

    Lake Bunyonyi is a great spot for adventure. This morning we can do whatever takes your fancy: ride quad bikes up and down the hills edging the lake; zip line into the water; paddle in traditional dugout canoes to one of the islands for lunch; take a boat cruise on the lake; or simply relax on the terrace of the lodge, which sits high above the water and offers incredible views. In the afternoon we travel to Lake Mburo.

  • Day 13 | Cycling Safari Lake Mburo

    Cycling Safari Lake Mburo

    Today you can enjoy a morning bush walk to see the smaller creatures of the African bush or take part in a cycling safari - imagine cycling past a dazzle of zebra! Enjoy some time relaxing at the swimming pool and enjoying the amazing view. This evening you will enjoy a night safari to see some of the nocturnal animals - perhaps spot a leopard out on the hunt.

  • Day 14 | Departure day

    Departure day

    Today is our final day together. Sniff, sniff. Because by now we're bonded through having shared the same amazing experiences together! You will drive back to Entebbe and catch your flight home in the evening!

Meet our Local Leaders

Dan Kabagoza

Dan Kabagoza

Dan is a proud Ugandan, which is why we call him UganDan! He knows his country like the back of his hand, so can be trusted to show you the very best sides of the Pearl of Africa. He's also a great character, so don't be surprised if you fall in love with him and claim him as your new best friend!



In the words of one of our clients: "Ibrah always has a smile on his face and stars in his eyes when he speaks of Uganda and its amazing wildlife. Trust him to infect you with his joy and wonder – while he tells you stories and facts about the people of his country and the animals roaming it."

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