Crested Aracari II bird toucan Peruvian Amazon rainforest

5-day Amazon itinerary

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5 days

If you really want to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of a small, tucked-away Amazon community, then this is the trip for you. This five-day adventure lets you learn about the local way of life, engage in fun activities like night-time nature walks, and spend time searching out the region's utterly astounding array of rare and surprising birds and river and forest animals!

Detailed Itinerary

Peru Country Map

Day 1: Climb up to where the birds fly

We fetch you in the morning from Puerto Maldonado Airport to escort you via bus and then boat to Refugio Amazonas. Situated in a pretty chestnut forest, this eco-lodge is a stone's throw from Tambopata National Reserve, a real biodiversity hotpot! We recommend your first activity in the Amazon be to climb the high lookout tower and gaze across the canopy. From here you can look for wildlife and many colourful birds like macaws and toucans. In the evening we suggest joining the guided jungle walk to listen to the chorus created by the many nocturnal animals that call this part of the Amazon home!

Refugio Amazonas - Canopy Tower

Day 2: Explore Tambopata River and Condenado Lake

On most clear mornings throughout the year, dozens of macaws and hundreds of parrots congregate at a clay lick near Tambopata River, creating a raucous and colourful spectacle that inspired a National Geographic cover story. We go and settle 50 metres away with a telescope to watch the birds fly in and out. Later, we walk around Lake Condenado to look for wildlife such as otters, hoatzins, capybaras and alligators. Still later there's the chance to visit a neighbouring organic farm to see what's grown locally, including fruits you didn't even know existed!

Harpy Eagle standing on a tree branch in Tambopata Reserve, Peruvian Amazon rainforest

Day 3: Mammal clay lick and nature walks

This morning we suggest visiting the nearby mammal clay lick where you can often spot herds of white-lipped peccaries (rainforest hogs) as well as deers, turkeys and parakeets. If you're keen for some exercise, why not go on a guided mountain bike ride through the jungle? There's a lovely nature trail that overlooks the river and makes for a perfect sunset spot. We suggest ending the day with another guided night-time walk. Who knows, you might be that rare and lucky soul who spots a wild cat like a puma or jaguar!


Red Howler Monkey seated in tree with bright blue sky peeking through leaves, Tambopata Reserve, Peruvian Amazon rainforest

Day 4: Brazil nut camp and medicinal walking trail

This morning you can visit a nearby brazil nut farm to discover how the seeds of immense chestnut trees (yes, brazil nuts aren't technically nuts) are harvested once a year in the region's most sustainable economic activity. Later, there's the chance to go on a fascinating guided walk into the rainforest to learn about the great variety of plants and trees the local population has used for years to heal both body and soul. In the evening, listen to researchers from the Wired Amazon Project discuss the opportunities and challenges they face in seeking to study and protect the biodiversity of the Peruvian jungle.

Two walkers in ponchos on wet nature trail in Tambopata Amazon rainforest

Day 5: Departure day

Today we take you back to Puerto Maldonado. The trip once again includes a memorable boat ride up the river, and then a one-hour bus ride. At the airport, we wave goodbye, unless you're heading to Lima to join us on a culinary and historical tour of that incredible city, in which case the adventure continues!

Navigating the Tambopata river by boat during sunrise in the Amazon rainforest in Peru.


Price Includes

Airport transfers via bus and boat

Accommodation at three-star ecolodge Refugio Amazonas

Arrival drinks upon reaching Refugio Amazonas

Three meals a day, including lunch on the boat on arrival day

Unlimited teas and coffees

All activities, whether those suggested above or others as offered by Refugio Amazonas

Price Does Not Include



Where you'll stay

wooden walkway bridge with trees crowding in at Refugio Amazonas ecolodge near Tambopata Reserve in Peruvian southern Amazon rainforest

Refugio Amazonas

This comfortable ecolodge sits deep within the Amazon of Peru. It offers a wide variety of scientific and adventure activities and is actually HQ for Wired Amazon, a nature-preservation programme.

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Peru's Amazon rainforest canopy with mist, from Refugio Amazonas, Tambopata
Two women seated and talking at night-time at Refugio Amazonas lodge covered verandah, Tambopata Reserve in Peruvian Amazon rainforest
Best blue and yellow macaws in flight with blue sky behind them. Flying over Tambopata Reserve in Peruvain Amazon rainforest
White lipped peccary, or forest hog, as seen in Tambopata Peruvian rainforest Amazon
round tailed manakin bird Peruvain Amazon rainforest