Our Partners

We work alongside creative partners with the same passions

Combining stories for limitless possibilities.

We team up with young, innovative companies and communities such as early startups, venture firms, creative networks and small companies. Instead of spending $$$ to acquire random clients via Google Ads, we prefer to give this money as a discount to people we believe fit into our community. Adventure travel is best done as part of a like-minded group, so at Follow Alice we are passionate about working with the right people.



Why partner with Follow Alice?

Discounts. Traffic. Insights.

Every year, as part of the Follow Alice partnership program, we select a number of companies and communities that share our passions and values. In return their members get….


In return their members get a flat 10% discount off all of our trips.


We link to our partners directly from our website and ask them to do the same (internal or external).


We also generate a monthly, customised community newsletter with our latest deals and insights that can be shared with all members.

Travel with friends, travel with confidence