Become a Local Travel Leader

Got a great idea for trip?

Organise a trip and share it with other like-minded people.

Team up with us and make the trip of your dreams a reality! Becoming a local travel leader is for anyone with local expertise or a great trip idea they want to share with others. You can organise a trip just once or twice a year while still having a full-time job. Or you can make the move to becoming a full-time local leader. We’re open to various arrangements if they work for everyone involved.



What trips can we do together?

A Follow Alice trip needs to be an extraordinary experience that guests won’t forget. Think of a journey that lasts between one and two weeks and is suited for groups of four or more. The age range we target is around 25 to 40 years old. Do you, for instance, know a ghost town where you can organise a week of survival camping? Have you done a cycling trip through the vineyards in Mendoza? Or does your uncle run an oil tanker where you could organise a techno festival? No matter how ‘out there’ your trip might sound, connect with us and let’s see if we can develop something awesome together!

“I never thought I could be a travel guide, but being a local travel leader with Follow Alice means I can show people my beautiful country, meet folks from around the world, and make a living of it!” Dan, Uganda

I don't have an idea for a trip

Don't worry, you can still get involved!

We also develop trips ourselves and then look for someone local to run it on the ground. If your dream is to organise a trip in your neck of the woods but you don’t have a specific idea as yet, you can still sign up to our mailing list to get notified when we’re looking for someone in your area.



Travel with friends, travel with confidence