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What type of plugs do they use in Tanzania?

May 13, 2024
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Tanzania uses plug types D and G. Further, it operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Look below for pictures and descriptions of these plug types. We also look at the local voltage supply and if you should bring along a converter.

What type of plugs are used in Tanzania?

In Tanzania they use both plug types D and G. But it's plug D that you want, as this is the most common.

Plug type D

Type D plugs have three round pins positioned in a triangle, as shown below.

Type D plug for Tanzania

A type D plug

Do I need a travel adapter?

You only need to pack a travel adapter – also called a plug adapter – for your visit to Tanzania if your appliances don't have type D plugs. That said, note that plug type M often fits into type D sockets.

If you travel frequently, it's a good idea to purchase an international travel adapter, which can be used to connect to power sockets in most countries around the world. (But do check before travelling, as international adapters don't usually cater for all plug types.)

WIRED magazine just released this helpful list of The Best Travel Adapters.

Two universal travel adapters

Two universal travel adapters

What is Tanzania's voltage supply?

The voltage supply in Tanzania is 230 volts (abbreviated to 230V).

Do I need a voltage converter?

It's important to understand that travel adapters don't have anything to do with electricity – they're simply mechanical gadgets that help your devices' plugs fit into foreign plug sockets. You need a voltage converter (also called a power converter) to change the voltage in the outlet to match that of your devices.

Most of the appliances you'll travel with – like a phone charger and tablet – will be dual voltage devices. These will have a label with something like "100/240V" or "110~220V" on them. (The 200+ number lets you know it's dual voltage.)

Dual voltage devices can accept both 110-120V and 220-240V environments. Since Tanzania's supply voltage is 230V, this means your dual voltage devices will work there just fine.

If you plan to bring along any single voltage appliances (those with a label that looks like "110V AC", for instance), then you'll need to bring along a voltage converter for them to work.

And there you have it! Give us a shout if you have any other questions you need help answering. 🙂🇹🇿