Woman standing next to Barafu Camp sign on Kilimanjaro, August 2022

Can I climb Kilimanjaro during the coronavirus pandemic? (14 August 2023 update)

Aug 14, 2023
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There are no longer any Covid-19 restrictions or protocols relating to anyone visiting Tanzania. So book that Kilimanjaro climb and head on over!

Tourism in Tanzania is a go – and Kilimanjaro is open for business. At Follow Alice we resumed hosting Kilimanjaro climbs ever since Tanzania opened up again for tourism in July 2020.

As of 2023, there are no longer any travel Covid 19-related travel restrictions or necessary screenings.

Group shot - Lava Tower Camp

Group shot by Lava Tower on one of our fun September 2021 climbs

Note: We regularly update the information in this blog post to reflect the latest coronavirus-related news and developments pertaining to travel to Tanzania. But please always check the more recent regulations as per Tanzania's latest travel advisory to ensure you're on top of every requirement relating to your travel plans.

So as there are no longer any coronavirus-related details to concern yourself about when it comes to travelling to Tanzania or climbing Kilimanjaro, why not just enjoy these few pics of climbs we lead over the past few years ...

Nick Kili climb summit

Nick and his mountain crew had Kilimanjaro almost to themselves on their July 2020 climb!



Kilimanjaro premium lager

Clients celebrating a successful August 2021 climb with Kilimanjaro lagers!

Barafu Camp - Claudia & Alex

Claudia and Alex loved their August 2021 climb with us – and we loved hosting them!

Kilimanjaro crew readying food and supplies

Frederik took this cool snap of his crew getting ready for their 2022 climb

Group pic of Follow Alice climb group on Kilimanjaro, August 2022

Lee's climb group at the start of their 2022 adventure

Group pic Kilimanjaro summit Uhuru Peak Follow Alice flag

A happy group at the summit in February 2023

Mweka Route descent 1 January 2023 Kilimanjaro forest

Romy on the Mweka descent route in 2023

As always, please feel free to chat to us at any time! We’d love to connect with you and talk adventure travel. 

Kilimanjaro trekking group

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!