Handpicked adventures. Small groups. Like-minded people.

Follow Alice is on a mission to bring like-minded adventurers together to explore the most hidden spots around the globe.

Because a journey is best measured in friends, not miles.

We’ve worked hard to build a large community of globetrotters from around the world to go on our trips. So whether you are starting out on your own or with a group of existing friends, you can sit back, relax and look forward to travelling with like-minded peers eager to connect and just as hungry for adventure.

And while you are searching for that perfect escape, we know the internet is a big place! Don’t make the mistake of joining a boring package holiday or random travel group – trust us, it’s easily done. We don’t bother with fancy marketing initiatives to reel in random people. Instead, through friends, friends of friends and our network of trusted travel ambassadors, we ensure that when you explore with Alice, you are exploring with friends.


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Who exactly is Alice?

And why should you be following her?

Actually, she lives in all of us.

Alice is one of you: a world traveller. She is curious and always looking for an opportunity to break free of the daily routine. She wants to share authentic experiences with friends from around the world. By following Alice you become part of a growing global community of like-minded travellers who aren’t afraid to tick off their bucket list. Follow her now.

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