Why experiences are better gifts than things

#experiencesnotthings Oh how we love a clichéd hashtag here at Follow Alice! But this one could not be more true! We believe we should all be spending our hard-earned money on new experiences rather than things.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

The material–experience paradox

Admittedly, an object or thing does tend to have a longer duration than an experience. While a sofa can be used for decades, a trip to Kilimanjaro that costs the same only lasts for several days. With this logic in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to go for the sofa? Not at all. The benefits and memories last way after the event is over and ultimately help to form our identities. Don't believe us? Science has evidence to back it up.

Friends enjoying an experience together

Making memories with friends and loved ones is the way to go!

The research promoting experiences over things

Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions. Cornell University psychology professor Dr Thomas Gilovich conducted a 20-year study that analysed how product purchases versus experience purchases make us feel, according to Big Think. The research indicated that purchasing trips or other experiences leas to greater happiness than buying a tangible possession. What's more, the feeling of bliss associated with adventures lasts longer, too.

Dr Gilovich explains:

One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation. We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them."

Basically, we get bored of new things. Experiential gifts give us memories to last a lifetime. No brainer really!?

Dr Gilovich adds:

People often think spending money on an experience is not as wise an investment as spending it on a material possession... But in reality we remember experiences long afterward, and we also enjoy the anticipation of having an experience more than the anticipation of owning a possession.

Give the gift of an adventure!

The next time you're considering what to give a dear friend or family member for their birthday or Christmas, why not consider gifting them an adventure holiday instead of the latest gadget or a new pair of kicks?

Reckon your dad would fancy exploring the wonders of Iceland with you? Can you see you and your bestie gorilla trekking for a week in Uganda? Whatever the adventure and whatever the budget, get in touch so we can tailor-make the perfect gift together. 😊


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