Sunset over Mt Meru taken from Shira Cave Camp on Machame

Machame Route

Trips/Climb Kilimanjaro

9 days

The Machame is a beautiful and popular route. The winding path leads you up the southwestern slope of Kilimanjaro, then strikes east below the shadow of Kibo Peak, before turning north to approach the summit. The scenery is dramatic and rewarding. And the acclimatisation profile is good, so it has a high summit success rate.

Detailed Itinerary

Machame Route map - Mt Kilimanjaro

Day 1: Arrival day

We fetch you from Kilimanjaro International Airport and drive you to the lodge. Here you meet your fellow trekkers and lead guide, who gives you a briefing on what to expect. Relax by the pool and enjoy your last night of easy living for a while!

Moshi Tanzania

Day 2: The trek starts

After an early breakfast you're driven to Kilimanjaro National Park where the trek begins! At Machame Gate (1,640 m) you’re recorded in the park's register. You then hike for five to seven hours through pristine rainforest to Machame Camp (3,020 m). This is a beautiful section of the hike, and you should keep your eyes open for monkeys, duikers and birds.

Unrecognisable male porters carry loads on their backs and heads on the Machame route of Kilimanjaro

Day 3: Ascend into the heath zone

After an early breakfast, you climb up and out of the rainforest and into the moorland (or heath) zone. You cross many streams and walk over a plateau that leads to Shira Cave Camp (3,810 m). At this campsite you have a spectacular view of the Western Breach and its glaciers. Today’s hike lasts about five to six hours in total.

Florence smiling on Kilimanjaro in the heath zone

Day 4: Climb to Lava Tower

Today’s route consists of two parts: the hike up to Lava Tower (4,630 m), followed by the hike down to Barranco Camp (3,967 m). This means we 'hike high, sleep low', which is an excellent strategy for good acclimatisation. You enjoy lunch at Lava Tower, a striking rock formation. Barranco Camp is nestled at the base of the imposing Barranco Wall. You hike for six to eight hours today.

Lava Lower Camp Kilimanjaro Lucy

Day 5: Tackle Barranco Wall

After an early breakfast, it’s time to conquer Barranco Wall. While it may look intimidating at first, it's actually very managaeable. And most trekkers actually really enjoy it. It's a funnel on the trek route, and there's a great spirit of camaraderie. From there, the trail winds up and down until you arrive at Karanga Camp (3,995 m). In total you hike for four to five hours.

Barranco Wall and porters

Day 6: Walk through alpine desert

It's getting real! You’re now very close to the summit and have some amazing views of the mountain during your ascent of three hours to reach Barafu Camp (4,673 m). You all go to bed early tonight as you'll be woken around midnight by your crew with tea and biscuits to get ready for the start of the long summit trek.

Barafu Camp Kilimanjaro

Day 7: Summit time!

This is it! Time to go big or go home. And that means believing in yourself and when it gets tough, just focusing on the next step. Because you can do it! Starting at midnight, you reach Stella Point on the crater rim around 6 or 7 am for sunrise. After another hour of walking you're standing at Uhuru Peak (5,685 m), the higest person in Africa! It's then a long hike of six to eight hours down to Mweka Camp (3,068 m).

Climbers on summit

Day 8: Descend to Mweka Gate

Today you hike the last bit of the trek route (which takes three hours) to reach Mweka Gate (1,640 m). This part of the route takes you back into the rainforest, and all that oxygen-laden air is a dream! Your driver meets you at the gate and whisks you back to your lodge where you can enjoy beers, hot showers and cosy beds!

Walkers on Kilimanjaro in the forest

Day 9: Departure day

Today we drive west, with Kilimanjaro in our rearview mirror and amazing memories in our back pockets. For those flying out of Tanzania or on to Zanzibar, we drop you at the airport. But for those heading off on a safari, we continue west into the next part of our adventure!

Kiliamanjaro from a distance


Price Includes

Dedicated trip manager

In-depth preparation documents

Pre-climb Zoom consult

2 overnight stays at Lindrin Lodge in Moshi (incl. breakfasts and dinners)

In-depth pre-climb safety briefing at Lindrin Lodge

Transport to and from trailheads

Price Does Not Include

Tanzanian visa


Airport transfers (US$40 per person per transfer)

Traveller's insurance

Single supplement ($200) if required

Tip for mountain crew

Where you'll stay

Lindrin Lodge Rooms

Lindrin Lodge

Lindrin Lodge in the town of Moshi offers chalet accommodation in a pretty and well-maintained garden setting.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro via Machame Route
Stream among heather landscape
Londorossi Gate group photo FA Kilimanjaro
Matthieu and Arwa at Stella Point Kilimanjaro
Mount Meru view from Kilimanjaro Machame route trail
Wildebeests grazing in Maasai Mara, Kenya, with setting sun


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