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We love to travel. And it’s our mission at Follow Alice to excite other people to do the same. Instead of spending lots on Google and Facebook advertising, we would rather give that money to our community of travel ambassadors. Follow Alice ambassadors share a passion for all things travel. They advertise for us by travelling the world, visiting the most fascinating places on earth, and telling everyone about it! Not only do they earn $$$ doing this, but they also go on free trips! This unique, word-of-mouth model is the best way for everyone to find out about new places and new adventures. So c’mon, why not join us?

Why should you become an ambassador?

Become an ambassador and join the Follow Alice family.


Connect with a network of fellow travellers, digital nomads, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and young innovators from around the world. You’ll be part of a like-minded group of adventurers that benefit each other.


Earn commission and travel credits when your friends and followers book a Follow Alice trip using your personalised code. Recommend enough people and you’ve earned yourself a free trip!


We’re developing new trips all the time and need ambassadors to assist us with their development. Ambassadors get invited to special adventures and benefit from preferred ambassador rates on all of our trip packages.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I aim to constantly surround myself with curious, young people who inspire me.”

More about Nina

“Going on one long holiday around southeast Asia. Currently taking pictures in Bali and couldn’t think of anything better!”

More about James

“I travel for work, visiting the most amazing places. Now I can inspire others and travel even more. Brilliant!”

More about Josefina

“Being a Follow Alice Ambassador means I can live my normal life whilst channelling my passion for travel, AND earn some cash on the side. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”Jessica Paul

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