Sailing week

We run our sailing week adventures in Sardinia & Corsica. The trip has been developed with a group of friends from Paris and Sicily with a deep passion for the region and a true love for sailing. Over the years, they’ve become great friends of Alice. Since 2012, we’ve together gathered more than 1,000 people to join us on our boats. The result today is truly amazing: top-notch Sailing week adventures in the most beautiful destinations around the world. Just to mention a few such as Sardinia & Corsica, the Hamptons, Ibiza or Saint Barth in the Caribbeans. Each sailing week is built upon the founders’ passion to meet new friends from around the world. We sail, explore & party together in the most breathtaking places the sea has to offer. The concept reflects the celebration of friendship, conviviality and passion for life. Simply put: 1 week of pure happiness!


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Travel with friends, travel with confidence