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…and learn everything you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro. Want to climb but overwhelmed by different operators and prices and routes and dates? Yep, we feel ya. One of our Kilimanjaro experts will be online at every session twice a week to answer all of your questions. Join now to make sure you are prepared to climb Kilimanjaro. Easy peasy.

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Topics we cover

– What it’s really like to climb Kilimanjaro

– The differences between Kilimanjaro routes

– What gear you will need for the climb

– What safety measurements are taken

– How to prepare for the climb

РWhat the day by day itinerary looks like on the mountain

…and much more.

Meet the experts

Our experts are from all over the world with different backgrounds, all with a common passion and love for the mountain. We’ve climbed Kilimanjaro a combined total of over 300 times! (yep, you read that right). At least one of us will be on every webinar to give you advice and answer all of your questions.

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